Doomsday version 1.9.0-beta6.9

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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.9
Release date: April 7, 2010
Focus: fix
Git tag: 1.9.0-beta6.9

deng Files

Release index

9th patch release for Beta 6.

Known issues

  • Multiplayer games are not fully operational. The stable version 1.8.6 is recommended for multiplayer games at this time.
  • Demo recording/playback is not functional. Demo support will return in a future release.
  • HOM is visible momentarily between the end of the intermission and the beginning of a before map briefing.



  • Loading of 256x256 raw detail textures.
  • Crash when attempting to use the -warp command line option.
  • Crash when attempting to load a saved game before having started a new game. [1]
  • Crash when attempting to autostart as a camera.
  • "Monsters see through wall/floor/ceil". [2]
  • "Possible index-out-of-bounds (dgl_texture.c)". [3]
  • "Hexen: Impassable doorway (polyobjs?)". [4]
  • "fix various uninitialized memory accesses" incorporated patch by Jindrich Makovicka - thanks! [5]
  • "Hexen: Firing wand down large z-depth causes segfault". [6]
  • "Barracks.wad dynamic light anomaly". [7]
  • "No comprehension of poly objects with see through parts". [8]
  • GL texture filtering artefacts on the hanging vines in Plutonia2::MAP01
  • "Dynamic lights on unpegged walls". [9]
  • Upon changing the custom resolution height in the control panel, the label shown on the "Change to" button would indicate the color depth had changed to 16bit.
  • Crash when attempting to use the ccmd add without all required arguments.
  • Front facing segs in a visible subsector drawn even if occluded according to the clipper. This manifested the symptom "Auto map drawing lines the player can't see at map start up". [10]
  • Fog settings as specified in Map Info definitions used when drawing the various UI displays.
  • "Map def fog oversight". [11]
  • Vissprites produced for mobjs whose origin sector is of zero height.
  • Opaque materials on twosided linedefs that fill the gap between floor and ceiling are drawn slightly darker than they should be (with fakeradio enabled).
  • "Texture name missing in Doom 2 MAP14 & MAP25". [12]
  • Better handling of input device state during binding context switches (fixes [13]).
  • Vertical alignment issue with materials on two-sided linedef lower sections.

Common code library

  • "Bouncing off edges". [14] [15]
  • Tiny difference in walk-to-stop mobj momentum threshold compared to original behavior.
  • "TNT Map30 Cannot be Finished (Stairs)". [16]
  • Menu type-in glitter and shadow effects not centered vertically on each character.
  • Movement of the player's viewpoint when riding moving platforms suggested the player was squating.
  • "Double press input events" [17]. Some input events were erroneously eaten by the sequence responder, causing their bindings to be skipped.
  • "Controls UI show/hide menu reassign bcontext mismatch". [18]
  • Potential infinite loop in wall slide algorithm.


  • "XG: Damage class if health below". [19]

All games

  • Turn speed did not consider "always-run".
  • Do not animate the view window when first entering a map.
  • During an autostart the screen was not cleared after completing initial startup before beginning the load sequence, resulting in "color smearing".
  • "Incorrect blast damage calculation". [20]
  • On entering a map after having left a previous one, the player's HUD weapon would be visible briefly before raising from the lowered position as expected.
  • Climbing a step into a teleporter results in the player squating briefly after teleportation.
  • "General: Mobjs overlapping more than one sector". [21]
  • Look pitch multiplier changed according to the walk/run speed modifier. In the original games this multiplier is fixed.


  • If the intermission is allowed to play through automatically, the Time display is incorrect. [22]
  • Typo in the first TNT briefing "Ahead, you see and outpost of Hell..."
  • voodoo doll momentum-zeroing problem which would prevent continuous loops from working as intended.
  • When spawning voodoo dolls do not allow them to pickup items at their spawn position until they have moved (e.g., see test case gltch.wad [23]).
  • Powers could not be given using the ccmd give.
  • Restored the correct behavior: using the chainsaw causes the player to move toward the target. While sawing, the player is unable to back away. [24]


  • Non-working ambient sounds. [25]
  • "Secret levels fail to load". [26]
  • On map start statusbar counters are initially hidden.
  • On map start statusbar health chain only animates up to your actual health level once per game session, instead of every time.
  • warp did not work until after the first game had been started.
  • "Scrolling flats too slow". [27]
  • Main game menu positioned vertically eight pixels too low.
  • "Intermission counter offsets". [28]
  • "Chicken beak psprite yoffset incorrect". [29]
  • Restored the correct behavior: using the gauntlets causes the player to move toward the target. The player is unable to back away. [30]
  • Restored the correct behavior: when morphed to a chicken the player jumps occasionally and the view randomly twitches left to right. [31]


  • When warping between maps the automap is left open. [32]
  • On map start statusbar counters are initially hidden.
  • On map start statusbar health chain only animates up to your actual health level once per game session, instead of every time.
  • Statusbar health chain not drawn exactly as it appears in the original game.
  • When gibbed, the Stalker's arm would fly out at high speed in a random direction. [33]
  • "Switch doesn't open up before Caves of Circe". [34]
  • "Death Wyvern movement broken". [35]



  • Changed cvar rend-dev-mobj-bbox Draw bounding boxes for all mobjs, not just those which are sector-linked.
  • Changed default mipmapping filter to linear filter, linear mip (GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR).

All games

  • On selecting Quit from the main menu the screen now gradually fades to black while the quit sound plays (if enabled) before exit.


  • Removed three unused sound identifiers that are not present in the original game: wsplash nsplash blurb
  • Added a new sound identifier "secret" to be played upon the player locating a secret area. The same sound is still played by default but the new identifier allows modders to change them independently.


  • Items picked up by the player during map setup will not produce item-pickup sounds or screenflashes. Pickup messages will be added to the log as normal.
  • Added a new sound identifier "secret" to be played upon the player locating a secret area. The same sound is still played by default but the new identifier allows modders to change them independently.


  • Removed fixed limit MAX_ACS_STORE. At most, twenty deferred action script starts could be in affect at any given time.
  • It is now possible to warp using the console if a game has not yet been started. In this instance a new game is initiated using the default skill and player class.

New features


  • Added a plugin hook that gets called during every run of the game loop (HOOK_TICKER). The length of the current tick is passed in the data argument as a pointer to timespan_t (i.e., double*).
  • Transition effects. When busy mode ends a transition effect may be drawn to blend between the screen shown whilst busy and the destination frame. Implemented three effects: 1) basic crossfade 2) Smoothed DOOM screenwipe 3) DOOM screenwipe. jDoom uses the smoothed DOOM screenwipe by default. Other games use crossfade.
  • cvar con-transition Transition effect used when leaving busy mode: 0=Crossfade, 1=DOOM (smooth), 2=DOOM
  • cvar con-transition-tics Duration of transition effect in tics. 0= Disabled.
  • Smoothing of per-linedef angle lightlevel deltas. Approximated rounded surfaces are lit more realistically when using the sector lighting model. Default value for rend-light-wall-angle is now 1.2f as the new smoothing makes this less noticeable.
  • cvar rend-light-wall-angle-smooth 1= Enable wall angle lightlevel delta smoothing (enabled by default).
  • cvar rend-dev-polyobj-bbox 1= Render polyobj bounding boxes (for debug).