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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.8
Release date: November 30, 2009
Focus: fix
Git tag: 1.9.0-beta6.8

deng Files

Release index

8th patch release for Beta 6.

The 10th Anniversary

This release, 1.9.0-beta6.8, is the special 10th anniversary release. We've focused particularly on fixing all sorts of gameplay related glitches with the aim of improving the overall experience.

The first version of JHexen was released ten years ago — you can read more about the history of the project on the main site.


If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:

  • There have been changes to the game controls and some default bindings have changed also. Particularly the strafing bindings have changed. We recommend resetting your old bindings with the following console command:
clearbindings; defaultbindings

Known issues

  • Multiplayer games are not fully operational. The stable version 1.8.6 is recommended for multiplayer games at this time.



  • Mouse was grabbed even though disabled when returning from the control panel ("deng grabs mouse in linux" [1])
  • Clipping issues with mobjs vs T_MovePoly-type polyobjects (e.g., the pushing wall trap in Guardian Of Fire). Note that some issues remain with T_RotatePoly-type polyobjects (e.g., the rotating fireball spitters in Winnowing Hall).
  • "Monsters see through wall/floor/ceil". [2]
  • PWAD flats which replace those in IWAD inherit decorations defined for use with the IWAD originals only.
  • "Masked texture lines". [3]
  • "Flickering video" during initial startup when playing in fullscreen mode.
  • Fatal error when attempting to load zero-length sound lumps e.g., dakills.wad [4]
  • When the player teleports the current view was not instantly updated due to smoothing, resulting in the player momentarily looking in the wrong direction.
  • Win32: vsync defaulting to off during start up.

DEH Reader

  • "Plutonia 2 Dehacked Not Read". [5]
  • Map name strings from Plutonia and TNT could not be changed.
  • "Max Health and Max Armor do not work". [6]
  • Changing fullbright property of states using DEH patches (e.g., the office furniture in HACX). [7]
  • "Thing speed misinterpretation (HACX)". [8]

Common code library

  • Player view/weapon bobbing was twice as strong as it should be. [9]
  • "Linedef action #30 raises floor too high". [10]
  • "Stairs Raise by 8/16 behaves incorrectly in WAD". [11]
  • "S1 lower Floor - nearest floor adjacent Sectors". [12]
  • Uninitialized variable in ccmd spawnmobj which would result in mobjs always being spawned at the ceiling height.
  • "Blank map titles no longer blank". [13]
  • Map title and author info printed in the console upon entering a new map incorrect.
  • "-warp and -nomonsters". [14]
  • "Heretic and HeXen: hud weapon graphics set too low". [15]
  • Upon spawning into the map the player's viewheight would be set at zero.


  • "Updating whilst fading away". [16]
  • Hidden mobjs are visible. [17]
  • Remained open when starting a new game.
  • "Rotation angle smoothing". [18]


  • "BLODGR1-4 Textures Inanimate". [19]
  • "Alien Vendetta::MAP07 cannot be completed (tag 667)". [20]
  • Map title, author text not surpressed for PWADs when played with Plutonia or TNT.
  • Statusbar face displayed one pixel too far right.
  • When starting a new map if the statusbar is visible the counters would be momentarily hidden.


  • "Pod generator and pod placement". [21]
  • "Secret credit for non-secret areas - E3M4". [22]
  • "Can't get to the boss level". [23]
  • "Shivering dropped items". [24]


  • On Unix and Mac OS X, selecting the Random player class caused the game to crash.
  • "Disc of repulsion doesn't push monsters". [25]
  • "Mana giving script on Dark Crucible not functioning". [26]
  • "Dormant foes waking up after loading saved game". [27]
  • "Destroying pots". [28]
  • "Unused Wings of Wrath not taken between hubs". [29]
  • "mobj_t* converted to int! Not 64-bit compatible" removed left over debug message. [30]
  • "Maulotaur charge attack". [31]
  • "Herisarch's mana cubes". [32]
  • "End game trigger doesn't work". [33]
  • "Korax teleport order". [34]
  • "Warping from map with hub exit to another hub plays anim". [35]
  • cvar msg-hub-override not functional.
  • Buffer underflow in P_StartACS if an attempt is made to start a non-existant script.
  • World timer was incremented each fractional game tic.
  • "Unknown thing warnings". [36]



  • Thing ids (as specified in thing definitions) are no longer case sensitive.
  • Revised lighting of psprites when using the DOOM lighting model to more closely emulate the original games.
  • Debug messages such as "P_MaterialNumForName: "MYTEX" in namespace 1 not found!" are only produced at log verbosity level 1 or greater.

Common code library

  • Adjusted player control bindings to match how the original games operate. Sidestepping is now bound separately from turning, with the help of binding conditions. [37]
  • cvar msg-uptime specifies time in seconds (was tics) and can now be set via the HUD options menu.
  • When starting a new map there is no longer a momentary wait where the game is running but the player's view is not drawn.


  • Renamed cvar "hud-title-noidsoft" to hud-title-author-noiwad and now hides the map author if defined as "id Software" and the map originates from an IWAD. Previously this behavior was dependent upon the origin of the map title patch graphic.
  • Using the ccmd "give" to give the player health; amount given will now take the player's health to the absolute health limit.
  • Items collected by the player as a consequence of spawning into the map no longer produce a pickup sound or result in a bonus flash.


  • Win32: Compiling against Win SDK from July 2009.
  • Win32: Compiling against DirectX SDK from August 2009.
  • Win32 and Mac OS X: Updated SDL 1.2.13 → 1.2.14.
  • Win32: Updated SDL_mixer 1.2.8 → 1.2.11 (note that this fixes various issues with music playback including non-working MP3s when originating from WAD lumps).

New features


DEH Reader

  • Added support for the Eternity extension which allows setting "Ammo per shot" in Weapon blocks.

All games

  • cvar view-filter-strength strength multiplier for screen filters (such as that used when the player collects items or takes damage). Note that in deathmatch games this value is ignored when drawing the damage filter.

Heretic / Hexen