Doomsday version 1.9.0-beta6.6

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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.6
Release date: September 1, 2009
Focus: fix
Git tag: 1.9.0-beta6.6

deng Files

Release index

6th patch release for Beta 6.



  • Faulty handling of -file, -iwad, -def, and -defs. It was attempting to load all of the command line arguments as files/definitions. (One symptom was [1])
  • "Mus_Start: Couldn't open dd-buffered-song for writing" A simple file rotation scheme was implemented to avoid potential file locking issues that could occur if the engine attempted a write before the music playback interface had released the buffered music file. Sycraft's v4 remix was used for test purposes and MP3 playback is once again working as expected when using the default audio plugin; SDL_mixer [2]
  • "sdl_mixer + external sound files getting cut short". [3]
  • Ignore all lumps smaller than eight bytes when building the sprite table during startup. Mods such as are now playable (thanks go to entryway and the prboom-plus changelog for the tip off).
  • Model particles not drawn.
  • Minor issues with tracking players entering/leaving the void.


  • Vista/7: Non-working music volume controls.
  • "Music volume and balance". [4]

Common code library

  • "Getting stuck behind moved surfaces after reloading level" [5]
  • "WFALL Textures inanimate in PWAD". [6]
  • "Skill menu plays two sounds". [7]
  • Added missing default event bindings for viewsize -/+ (keyboard minus, equals).
  • After changing the event bindings for inventory prev/next and viewsize -/+ via the controls menu, the "repeat" qualifier was lost.
  • "Emptying your supply of any item in HeXen leaves a blank spot in the left most panel in your inventory when you next open it, until you scroll off it". [8]

All games

  • Line specials triggered by line attacks could be activated if used on onesided linedefs and hitting them from the wrong side. For example, shooting at switches from behind (when in the void).


  • "No intermission screen after map30". [9]


  • "Clip through a wall if an object is near". [10]
  • "Dragonskin Bracers don't work". [11]


Common code library

  • "After" InFine scripts are now executed after any intermission rather than before it.

All games

  • It is now possible to use line attacks from outside the map (in the void) to hit targets within.


  • Amended in-menu label for compatibility option "PE LIMITED TO 20 LOST SOULS" to "PE LIMITED TO 21 LOST SOULS".


  • Using the ccmd give it is now possible to give a batch of the specified inventory items. For example, to give only Firebombs and Morph Ovums use the command "give i7i8".

New features


  • Added Map Info (DED) flag mif_nointermission; upon leaving the map skip the intermission.