Doomsday version 1.9.0-beta6.1

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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta6.1
Release date: March 31, 2009
Focus: fix
Git tag: 1.9.0-beta6.1

deng Files

Release index

Patch release for Beta 6.



  • Fixed: Models would not be drawn if their origin was not visible.
  • Fixed: "Dynamic lights bleeding through solid walls" ([1]).
  • Fixed: "invalid read of 8 byte" ([2]).
  • Fixed: "Crash when launching with Shareware Doom" ([3]).
  • Fixed: DED parser would output a warning message about unknown gltextures in Material definitions even when found.
  • Fixed: Material definitions referencing sprite patches not working ([4]).
  • Fixed: "Failing to read more than one loose ded" ([5]).
  • Fixed: Only the last viewport is drawn if the render lists are frozen or if the view player is in the void.
  • Fixed: "jHexen: Savegame Crash with jXRP" ([6]).


  • Fixed: "Mousewheel-down doesn't bind" ([7]).

Common code library


  • Fixed: If the automap is open when a map change occurs, the automap would be visible momentarily when the new map begins.
  • Fixed: "Full Map Code Works Incorrectly After Switching Resolutions" ([8]).

Saved games

  • Fixed: (DOOM.EXE bug) if the game is saved while a repeatable switch is momentarily in the "on" position, upon loading the saved game the switch would never return to the "off" position.
  • Fixed: "jHexen: Dark Crucible: Bridge motionless and dark on respawn" [9].
  • Fixed: "jHexen: Winnowing Hall (Emerald Key Room): Walls don't rise" [10].
  • Fixed: "jHexen: Savegame bug (e.g. seven portals)" [11].


  • Fixed: "A couple of broken XG classes" ([12]).
  • Fixed: Material changes on sidedef surfaces as a result of XG's automatic switch swapping broken. In addition, switches defined via the SWITCHES lump were ignored.


  • Fixed: "Armor pickup give nothing" ([13]).


  • Fixed: HUD unhide event "On Pickup Power" generated when an inventory item which bestows a power is used.
  • Fixed: Crossbow side bolt projectiles not fired in line with the player's angle and lookdir when autoaim is disabled.
  • Fixed: "E3M8 repeat loading crash" ([14]).


  • Fixed: "Korax bug and crash" ([15]).
  • Fixed: "Inventory display wrong item" ([16]).
  • Fixed: "Low Damage with Timons Axe and Gauntlets" ([17]).
  • Fixed: SIGSEGV on attempting to open the automap (when configured to display statusbar while open) and after an armor item has been found.


  • Fixed UI layout issues due to HTML formatting.


  • Updated source code building instructions in doomsday/build.


  • Changed: Do not spread objlinks over two-sided linedefs when the middle material on the back side of the spread direction completely fills the gap between floor and ceiling. This fixes an issue seen in Heretic E1M2 where the Undead Warriors hidden behind a one-way wall in sector #83 were sometimes visible from the other side. This also fixes the problem of dynamic lights spreading under similar circumstances.
  • Optimize: Separate thinkers into multiple lists to reduce search time.
  • Optimize: Particle generators are now linked into the world once per render frame and used for all viewports. Plus various other minor optimizations.


  • Improved: Enhanced algorithm which attempts to "unstuck" wall-hanging torches (moving them slightly away from the wall on which they hang, to avoid z-fighting).

New features


  • Added: cvar rend-dev-generator-show-indices Display particle generator origin indices (for debug). Note that type-triggered and plane-triggered generators are not handled as these are inherently origin-less.

jHeretic / jHexen