Doomsday version 1.9.0-beta5.1

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Doomsday 1.9.0-beta5.1
Release date: January 21, 2007
Focus: fix
Git tag: 1.9.0-beta5.1

deng Files

Release index

Patch release for Beta 5 (critical fixes only).



  • Segmentation Violation caused by indexing past the end of a subsector plane's light links array when dynamic lights were disabled.


  • The Mus and Ext interfaces can be loaded seperately out of a ds plugin.
  • As a fallback, if dsSDLMixer is not available, use the Win32 Mus interface.
  • The -ds9 command line option reverts back to the DirectSound plugin (with 3D sound support and EAX effects), but MP3/OGG/etc. music playback won't be available in that case.


  • Under certain circumstances, Doomsday failed to understand the master server HTTP responses. This was fixed by using an external library (libcurl) for doing the HTTP transfer.