Doomsday version 1.11.2

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Doomsday 1.11.2
Release date: August 29, 2013
Focus: fix
Git tag: release-1.11.2
Build number: 971

1.11.2 on

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Patch release for version 1.11 that improves stability and fixes some incorrect behavior.


  • Doom: Crash trying to give a weapon unavailable in the current game mode (e.g., cheats)
  • Map Renderer: Fatal error firing the BFG in DOOM mod "Astrostein"
  • Server: Fatal error trying to use endgame
  • Client: Applying window configuration command line options (e.g., -window)
  • libdeng2: Performance improvements
  • libcommon: Misinterpretation of skill level zero
  • libcommon: Player movement speed inconsistensies
  • Hexen: Ineffective Speed Boots
  • XG: Incorrect handling of dummy lines

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