Doomsday version 1.10.4

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Doomsday 1.10.4
Release date: July 28, 2013
Focus: fix
Git tag: release-1.10.4
Build number: 939

1.10.4 on

All releases

Patch release for version 1.10 that improves stability of the engine and fixes various incorrect behavior.


  • libdeng2: Use the correct build number (instead of today's), fixes upgrade/downgrade detection
  • libcommon: Random crash when binding controls in the Controls menu (64-bit only)
  • libcommon: Removed duplicated Intermission after a debriefing InFine
  • Windows: Automap not visible in any game
  • Show map title and number when automap is open
  • All Games: Cheats not functional in multiplayer
  • Heretic|Hexen: ctl-inventory-use-next correctly wraps around the inventory
  • Heretic|Hexen: Default look up/down key bindings were reversed
  • Heretic|Hexen: Crash when drawing inventory with certain settings
  • Heretic: Play ARTIUP when picking up artifacts
  • Heretic: Ambient sound stuttering in multiplayer
  • Heretic: Powered-up Wand Crystal missiles
  • Heretic: Hell Staff rain was coming down at an angle
  • Heretic: Fit episode finale texts to the screen
  • Heretic: Removed extra floorclipping on water/lava/sludge splashes
  • Heretic: Time bomb spawned at incorrect height, improved look of explosion
  • Hexen: Crash when Dark Servant deals damage
  • Hexen: Crash when morphing a Dark Servant
  • Hexen: Amount of armor from the Bracers artifact
  • Resources: Ensure the correct slashes are used in model definition file paths
  • OpenAL: Errors uploading audio data, crash at shutdown
  • Snowberry: Use the -loglevel option
  • Snowberry: GL texture compression disabled by default
  • Deh Reader: Correctly update sprite name and action tables (fixed HacX glitches when loaded at runtime)

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