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A source tarball is an archive file of the program source in tar bitstream format.


Standard tar archives are uncompressed, represented by the extension .tar, however in modern days most distributed tarballs have an additional level of gzip compression - signified with a .tar.gz extension - which results in greatly reduced filesizes.

The inbuilt SourceForge subversion repository browser, ViewVC, allows you to download gzipped tarballs of the currently viewed folder. This provides an alternate way of checking out from the Doomsday subversion with a client tool, for example the svn co command in Linux or TortoiseSVN in Windows.


You can download an official release tarball from the Deng - Files section of the SourceForge project page. Alternatively, development snapshot of the trunk, a specific branch or specific tag can be downloaded through the Doomsday repository browser. Simply browse to a specific subfolder of the release you want, such as trunk/ or tags/release-1-8-6/ and press the "Download GNU tarball" link to start the download of a gzipped tarball of that folder.

It is not recommended to download the entire repository as it is quite huge. Please browse to a specific individual branch/tag or to the trunk first.

Extracting the tarball

  • Windows: 7-Zip archiver (open source), WinRAR (commercial), several more
  • Linux: Use of the tar command-line tool. If this fails, your tar version needs updating to a gzip-compatible version. Alternatively, you can use the gzip command-line tool as an intermediary step, extracting the .tar from the .tar.gz (you could also pipe the output of gzip to tar). For GUI extraction or viewing, GNOME has the file-roller program and KDE has the Ark program.
  • OSX: [ToDo]

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