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This articles contains tips on how to troubleshoot problems with creating 3D model resources.


Inverted triangles (hollow model)

QTiP flips all the normals on all exported models so they appear inside out in the game. You can flip the normals back to the correct direction using md2tool. You can download md2tool here.

The syntax is:

md2tool -flip model.md2 

Disappearing triangles with DMD models

If you find some triangles of your model disappear at lower LODs it is usually caused by unwelded vertices. When md2tool generates the LOD information it won't know that a triangle is part of the continuous mesh.

Open your model in your 3D app and make sure the vertices in question are properly welded.


Skin is upside down

If you use 3D Studio MAX and export MD2 models using QTiP, you may find out that the model's skin has been mapped to the model upside down.

You have two options:

  • Use the 3D Studio Max UV Coordinate Modifier UVW Xform to flip the UV's verticaly before exporting. This gives the benefits of being able to draw your skin the "right" way up, and the modifier can happily sit dissabled on the stack till it comes to export time.
  • Flip the skin vertically in an image editing program.

Skin is missing in-game

If the model is rendered with no skin in the game, check that the skin file names stored in the MD2 are correct. The file names can be viewed and set using md2tool. If the skin files are stored in the same directory as the model itself, it is enough to just use the file names of the skin images.

For example, if you have the model Enemy.md2 and the skin Enemy.pcx in the same directory, the skin file name in the MD2 should be set to "Enemy.pcx".

The syntax you would use is:

md2tool Enemy.md2 -skin 0 Enemy.pcx

It's also a good idea to store skin size information in the MD2 file. Your model will probably work without it, though.

The syntax you would use is:

md2tool Enemy.md2 -skinsize 128 128

Shiny model skin problem with Direct3D

This is not a problem anymore because Doomsday 1.9 does not use Direct3D as a renderer. Upgrade to latest version of doomsday.


Slowly loading models

The reason might be that Norton Antivirus (or some other antivirus program) is running in the background and scans the opened files, slowing everything down. Disabling the antivirus program makes things work at normal speed.

Other things you can do to alleviate this problem include using a disk defragmenter, and ensuring you have sufficient RAM.