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libhexen is the name of the game component which implements the game modes of Hexen. It is being developed by deng Team alongside the Doomsday Engine.

Differences to the original Hexen

Demo/Beta Demo

libhexen's hexen-demo and hexen-betademo game modes work with the (free) Demo versions of Hexen. However, libhexen's source code is based on a version of the game released later, with some bugs fixed and containing other differences.

  • The original demo cheat codes are not supported in libhexen; instead, the cheat codes are the same in all Hexen game modes.
  • The original beta demo had a flashing "Beta" banner in the top of the screen. This is not displayed by hexen-betademo.
  • The original demo had a bug where the pickup messages of the Disc of Repulsion and Chaos Device were swapped with each other.

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