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---++ State List The following is a list of all the states that make up Keen.

  • Key*

* The number in brackets after the state name is how long in game tics the state lasts for. * The number after the brackets is the sprite frame number. * An asterix (*) after the state name denotes that the sprite is rendered full bright when in that State.

Name: (variable, so states are cited here with their full names)

Idle: KEENSTND(-1)0 Pain: KEENPAIN(4)12 - KEENPAIN2(8)12 - KEENSTND Death: COMMKEEN(6)0 - COMMKEEN2(6)1 - COMMKEEN3(6)2 - COMMKEEN4(6)3 - COMMKEEN5(6)4 - COMMKEEN6(6)5 - COMMKEEN7(6)6 - COMMKEEN8(6)7 - COMMKEEN9(6)8 - COMMKEEN10(6)9 - COMMKEEN11(6)10 - COMMKEEN12(-1)11