How to run Doomsday on old hardware

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This article contains tips about optimizing Doomsday for older hardware.

Slow CPU

Disabling or lowering these CPU-intensive settings will help improve performance on slow CPUs.

Slow graphics card

Disabling or lowering these GPU-intensive settings will help improve performance with old graphics accelerators.

  • Using paletted textures will save texture memory and make texture reloads less frequent. Enable with the *-paltex* option.
  • Disable smart filtering of textures. Smart filtering significantly increases the size of all textures. Disabling it will help conserve texture memory.
  • Disable simulated radiosity (FakeRadio). Set the cvar _rend-fakeradio_ to zero.
  • Disable dynamic lights or reduce the size of dynamic lights.
  • Use additive blending for dynamic lights instead of multiplicative blending.
  • Disable particle effects or lower the value of the _rend-particle-rate_ cvar.
  • Disable detail textures.
  • Don't use high-resolution textures.
  • Disable anti-aliasing in the graphics adapter's driver settings.
  • Use a lower display resolution.
  • Use a 16-bit video mode.