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A game's identity key is a text string used to uniquely identify a game "mode" playable with the Doomsday Engine. Game mode's are registered by installed game components during startup.

Here follows a complete listing of all supported games and their associated identity keys:

Component Identity Key Title
libdoom doom1-share Doom (Shareware)
doom1 Doom (Registered)
doom1-ultimate Ultimate Doom
doom2 Doom II
doom2-plut Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment
doom2-tnt Final Doom: TNT Evilution
chex Chex Quest
hacx HacX
libheretic heretic-share Heretic (Shareware)
heretic Heretic (Registered)
heretic-ext Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
libhexen hexen Hexen
hexen-dk Hexen: Death Kings of Dark Citadel
hexen-demo Hexen Demo


A single game component, such as libdoom, may implement multiple game modes. Each mode emulates a specific version of the original game and typically has its own IWAD file. In some cases, several modes may utilize the same resources as other game modes.