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Obsolete Article: The content of this article is no longer relevant.

About the 1.9 betas

The goal of the 1.9.0-betaX[1] series is to complete the transformation to the 2.0 architecture.

Over time, subsystems will be migrated from libdeng to libdeng2 and revised accordingly, ultimately converting libdeng into a C wrapper API for libdeng2. libdeng will continue to be used by the game logic, because converting all of the logic to C++ and to the libdeng2 APIs would require a very big effort.

Work-in-Progress: Revise game plugin specific plans to match this article's format, and create proposals for the features planned for each game plugin. That way more than one game can refer easily to the same proposal. It's not necessary to repeat the proposals below for each affected game (e.g., Doom screen wipe) if they affect both the engine and the game.

In the status tables below, the state of each proposal is listed as it relates to that particular release, not the state of the entire proposal. Many proposals will be gradually completed over multiple releases.

Required before 2.0.0


Proposal State Comments for this release
Internal file system Done Used for locating and loading binaries, deng2 config and log output.
Doomsday Script Done The script engine core. Used for deng2 config.
Unified networking WIP Doomsday is split into server and client executables even for single-player games.
Distributed DMU Planning Transmission of game object and world state changes from server to clients.
Engine-controlled saving of the game Planning Based on the common serialization mechanism.
Savegame format Planning Based on the common serialization mechanism.
Demo file format Planning Based on the common serialization mechanism.


Proposal State Comments for this release
FMOD Ex plugin Solves our audio problems.
Resource URIs Common way to refer to all kinds of resources and game data.
Server-supplied resource files Server provides clients with required game resources.


Maybe before 2.0.0 (undecided)

Post 2.0.0


  1. The naming scheme "1.9.0-betaX.Y" is due to historical reasons. There will not be a final 1.9.0 release. Instead, the major version will be incremented to 2.