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This Doomsday plugin performs the task of translating Dehacked patches into Doomsday-native DED definitions.

While most Dehacked patch features are available, any unsupported features are detected and will result in warnings being logged (and if enabled, Alerts).


Say you have the Dehacked patch infiniteammo.deh in your runtime directory, it can be loaded with the -deh (command line option) when first launching a game session during startup:

 -deh infiniteammo.deh

Automatic loading

Lumps named DEHACKED in .wad files will be automatically applied when the .wad itself is loaded.

Normally only the last DEHACKED lump loaded will be applied when two or more lumps with that name are found (perhaps in multiple .wad files). However, the -alldehs (command line option) can be used to instruct Doomsday to apply them all, in the order in which they are found.