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Is it possible to create new actions?

I haved searched Doomsday\Defs\jDoom\*.ded for action definitions, such as A_TroopAttack, used in Objects.ded:

State {

 ID = "TROO_ATK3";
 Sprite = "TROO";
 Frame = 6;
 Tics = 6;
 Action = "A_TroopAttack";
 Next state = "TROO_RUN1";


I imagined it would be something like this:

Action {

 ID = "A_TroopAttack";
 Spawn = "TroopShot";


Thing {

 ID = "TroopShot";
 DoomEdID = -1;


The reason is that I want to create new monsters with new type of attacks, and unless I can create new actions, that is impossible. Which may explain why the only custom monster ever created for Doomsday is the barrel monster. I would like to be proven wrong on both counts.