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Console command reference

Commands for Doomsday

Command Description
activatebcontext Activate a binding context.
add Add something to a cvar.
after Execute the specified command after a delay.
alias Create aliases for a (set of) console commands.
apropos Summarize all help containing a search term.
bindcontrol Bind an input device to a player control.
bindevent Bind a console command to an event.
blc Set color of light at cursor.
blclear Delete all lights.
bldel Delete current/specified light.
bldup Duplicate current/specified light, grab it.
bledit Enter bias light edit mode.
blgrab Grab current/specified light, or ubgrab.
blhue Show/hide the hue circle for color selection.
bli Set intensity of light at cursor.
bllock Lock current/specified light.
blmenu Show/hide the bias menu.
blnew Allocate new light and grab it.
blquit Exit bias light edit mode.
blsave Write the current lights to a DED file.
blunlock Unlock current/specified light.
centerwindow Center the window on the desktop when in windowed mode.
chat Broadcast a chat message.
chatnum Send a chat message to the specified player.
chatto Send a chat message to the specified player.
clear Clear the console buffer.
clearbinds Deletes all existing bindings.
conclose Close the console prompt.
conlocp Connect a local player.
connect Connect to a server using TCP/IP.
conopen Open the console prompt.
contoggle Open/close the console prompt.
deactivatebcontext Deactivate a binding context.
dec Subtract 1 from a cvar.
delbind Deletes all bindings to the given console command.
demolump Write a reference lump file for a demo.
dir Print contents of directories.
displaymode Print information about the current display mode and window state.
dump Dump a data lump currently loaded in memory.
echo Echo the parameters on separate lines.
exec Loads and executes a file containing console commands.
flareconfig Configure lens flares.
fog Modify fog settings.
font Modify console font settings.
help Show information about the console.
if Execute a command if the condition is true.
inc Add 1 to a cvar.
inspectgame Print detailed information about a registered game to the console.
inspectline Print detailed information about a Line to the console.
inspectmap Print extended information about the current map to the console.
inspectmaterial Print extended information about a Material to the console.
inspectsavegame Print detailed information about a saved game session to the console.
inspectsector Print detailed information about a Sector to the console.
inspecttexture Print extended information about a Texture to the console.
kick Kick client out of the game (server only).
lastupdated Show when the latest check for updates was made.
listaliases List all aliases and their expanded forms.
listbcontexts List all binding contexts and their current state.
listbindings List all event bindings.
listcmds List all console commands.
listcontrols List the names of all player controls.
listdisplaymodes List all display modes supported by the graphics hardware.
listfiles List all loaded resource files.
listfonts List all known fonts.
listgames List all games.
listinputdevices List all currently active input devices and their controls.
listlumps List all loaded virtual resource files from container archives.
listmaps List all loaded maps.
listmaterials List all known surface materials.
listmobjtypes List all known mobj types.
listtextures List all known textures.
listvars List all console variables and their values.
load Load a complete game or one or more data files (e.g., a WAD or a lump).
login Log in to server console.
logout Terminate remote connection to server console.
lowres Select the poorest rendering quality.
ls Print contents of directories.
mipmap Set the mipmapping mode.
net Network setup and control.
pausedemo Pause/resume demo recording.
pausemusic Pause the currently playing music track.
ping Ping the server (or a player if you're the server).
playdemo Play a demo.
playmusic Play a music track, music lump, external file or a CD track.
playsound Play a sound effect.
postfx Set or clear the frame post-processing shader.
quit If a game is loaded execute a quit request, otherwise, exit immediately.
quit! Exit immediately and return to the OS.
recorddemo Start recording a demo.
reload Reloads the current game (if loaded).
rendedit Open the Renderer Appearance editor in a sidebar.
repeat Repeat a command at given intervals.
reset Resets the engine (reloading all data files and definitions).
safebind Bind a command to an unless the event is already bound.
safebindr Bind a command to an unless the event is already bound.
say Broadcast a chat message.
saynum Send a chat message to the specified player.
sayto Send a chat message to the specified player.
setbpp Change color depth (bits per pixel), either 16 or 32.
setcon Set console and viewplayer.
setfullres Change to fullscreen mode using the specified resolution.
setname Set your name.
setres Change display mode resolution or window size.
settics Set number of game tics per second (default: 35).
setvidramp Update display's hardware gamma ramp.
setwinres Set window size and change to windowed mode.
stopdemo Stop currently playing demo.
stopmusic Stop any currently playing music.
sub Subtract something from a cvar.
taskbar Open/close the task bar and console command prompt.
texreset Force a texture reload.
toggle Toggle the value of a cvar between zero and nonzero.
togglefullscreen Toggle between fullscreen and windowed modes.
togglemaximized Toggle between maximized and normal window modes.
tutorial Show a tutorial that introduces Doomsday's UI.
uicolor Change Doomsday user interface colors.
unload Unload the current game or one or more data files.
update Check for new available releases.
updateandnotify Check for new available releases and open the update notification dialog.
updatesettings Show the settings dialog for configuring automatic updates.
varstats Show detailed statistics for console variables.
version Show detailed version information.
write Write bindings and aliases to a file.

Commands for all games

Command Description
beginchat Begin chat mode.
chatcancel Exit chat mode without sending the message.
chatcomplete Send the chat message and exit chat mode.
chatdelete Delete a character from the chat buffer.
chatsendmacro Send a chat macro.
coord Print the coordinates of the consoleplayer.
deletegamesave Deletes a game-save state.
endcycle End map rotation.
endgame End the game.
helpscreen Show the Help screens.
kill Kill all the monsters on the map.
leavemap Leave the current map and load the next according to the map progression of the current episode.
loadgame Load a game-save or open the load menu.
lockmode Set camera viewlock mode.
makecam Toggle camera mode.
makelocp Make local player.
menu Open/Close the menu.
menuback Return to the previous menu page.
menudown Move the menu cursor down.
menuleft Move the menu cursor left.
menuright Move the menu cursor right.
menuselect Select/Accept the current menu item.
menuup Move the menu cursor up.
message Show a local game message.
messagecancel Trigger a "CANCEL" response in the message prompt.
messageno Trigger a "NO" response in the message prompt.
messageyes Trigger a "YES" response in the message prompt.
moveceil Move a sector's ceiling plane.
movefloor Move a sector's floor plane.
movesec Move a sector's both planes.
noclip Toggle movement clipping on/off, to walk through walls (cheat).
pause Pause the game (same as pressing the pause key).
quickload Load the quicksaved game.
quicksave Quicksave the game.
reveal Map cheat.
savegame Create a new game-save or open the save menu.
screenshot Take a screenshot.
setcolor Set player color.
setlock Set camera viewlock.
spawnmobj Spawn a new mobj.
startcycle Begin map rotation.
startinf Start an InFine script.
stopinf Stop the currently playing interlude/finale.
suicide Kill yourself. What did you think?
togglegamma Cycle gamma correction levels.
warp Warp to a map.
where Prints your map number and exact location.

Commands for Doom

Command Description
cheat Issue a cheat code using the original DOOM cheats.
give Gives you weapons, ammo, power-ups, etc.
god God mode (cheat).
setclass Set player class.
spy Spy mode: cycle player views in co-op.
zoommax Zoom out to the max in the automap.

Commands for Heretic

Command Description
cheat Issue a cheat code using the original Heretic cheats.
chicken Turn yourself into a chicken. Go ahead.
give Cheat command to give you various kinds of things.
god Toggle God mode (invulnerability).
setclass Set player class.
spy Change the viewplayer when not in deathmatch.
stopfinale Stop the currently playing interlude/finale.

Commands for Hexen

Command Description
cheat Issue a cheat code using the original Hexen cheats.
class Change player class.
demomode Set demo external camera mode.
give Cheat command to give you various kinds of things.
god Toggle God mode (invulnerability).
pig Turn yourself into a pig. Go ahead.
runscript Run an ACS script.
scriptinfo Show information about all scripts or one particular script.
setclass Set player class.
spy Change the viewplayer when not in deathmatch.
stopfinale Stop the currently playing interlude/finale.